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My Pair of Purple Socks

I’ve slept in my purple socks for six years now.
I’ve always loved it without knowing why, without knowing how.
But I must keep in mind that it won’t be long ‘til it’ll wear out.
I must buy a new one without a doubt. 

I tried the pink one, it suits and fits right.
I can wear it all day and also all night.
But I should also try on the one in red.
The color is quite “me”, the man said. 

But then I saw the yellow one.
The color of which reminds me of the ray of sun.
Still, I won’t buy it without trying the one in green.
Its color glooms like I’ve never seen.

Finally, I spotted the purple socks like the one I used to.
The only difference is it’s darker and brand new.
I’ll definitely buy it and wear it for another six years or so.
I’ll ask for size three and it’ll be delight to my toe

My request was not granted for it was not available
My emotion was low and my outburst was intolerable
I cried and I cried. I cried inside the mall.
Then I realized it’s more fun to sleep without socks after all.

Purple Sock
The common name for a medical condition in which the rectum becomes inverted and is extruded through the anus. This is a very painful condition which is generally the result of vigorous anal sex. It is called a “purple sock” because that is the best description for how the inverted rectum looks. (Source: Urban Dictionary)
Purple Socks
Code word describing the act of going into public without wearing undergarments. (Source: Urban Dictionary)
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