RIP Rule-bender

This is it! Rule-bender is finally going up to blog heaven.

This site has gone from expressing my hatred for my boss to becoming an outlet of my frustrations when it comes to matters of the heart.

I knew I have outgrown this blog whenever I cringe at the sound of hearing the word “rule-bender”.  I can’t even remember how I came up with that name.  From what I know now, when you don’t like the rules, you don’t bend them.  You just change them completely.

I’m not shutting Rule-bender down.  I’m just keeping this on the side.  It sure would be nice to read this from time to time and look how far I’ve grown from then.  No more shitty job, no more complicated love problems, no more pretentious advice.

To those who have expressed appreciation of this blog, I’m sorry to say that the blogger who came up with all those shit is not here anymore.  People grow, people move on, and people have to deal with their lives without a crappy blog.

But….this is not entirely the end.  Who knows? Something better might come along.  You know me, I always have some shit to say.  And there is no damn way of shutting me the fuck up.


Is this girl reaching out or letting go? Sabi ni Banksy “There is always hope.” Let’s just take it from there.


Thanks to all the readers.  Rule-bender is now signing off.


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