Today My Life Begins

This is it! My obligatory last blog entry as an employee. Frankly, I was about to post an article with a tone of anger and resentment. But I figured complaints never did anyone favor. It never inspired anyone. Doing so would defeat the purpose of putting up this blog in the first place.

I originally allocated this space to say GOODBYE, IDIOT! Now, my awesome talent would never have to cover up for your glaring ineptitude. Nobody likes you and that’s good enough for me. But you will never understand that as much as how delegation of tasks works. You may now proceed with your big gooey ass of a “boss”. Stress on the quote-unquote marks, pun intended.

If there’s anything I would thank her for, it is for pushing me out the hell of mediocrity. She gave me a good story to tell just like how the tale of Little Mermaid would never be a cute story without the part where Ariel got to meet her prince on soil. And yes, she is freaking Ursula, except Ursula has better facial features. I hope you created an accurate mental picture of her with that description.

I could never be kinder in this post. I have so much in mind but I would rather keep it on my own. I pat myself on the back for holding it. (And also, the chance of getting my last paycheck pretty much crossed out the option of letting it all out.) Thank me, bitch.

Enough about the right-hand of Satan, let’s focus on ‘me’ for a second. You know, I could go on forever with my ranting OR I could go on with my dear life. The latter is less waste of a time so….

First Step:


What you do in your life is your choice. What you do not do is also your choice. You have the power to do whatever you want in your life. It is your life and your life is short. How dare you not take charge of it. Be happy or find whatever it is that will make you happy. I do hope you find enough courage to believe in yourself and know that you have the capacity to be happy. Don’t pretend you’re okay. Never settle. Whatever justification you have for mediocrity is wrong. Your whole life awaits you. You just have to take that one step. One tiny little step.

“Never continue in a job you don’t enjoy. If you’re happy in what you’re doing, you’ll like yourself, you’ll have inner peace. And if you have that, along with physical health, you will have had more success than you could possibly have imagined.”
— Rodan of Alexandria

On a side note, I want to thank good God for giving me a chance to take step 1. I feel bad for everyone who wronged me. All of that led me to this. The way I look at it, I won.

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